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Comprehensive Guide to CE Bonds in the United States.


CeBONDS – Get Released From an ICE Detention Facility Today

When someone is being held by ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement), they usually stay in detention or jail while they wait for their trial with an immigration judge. In some situations, this person can be released to their family and loved ones by paying an immigration bond.

An immigration bond is money paid to ICE, part of the Department of Homeland Security. This payment allows a person to leave immigration detention but requires them to attend all future court hearings. It’s a promise that the detained person will show up as required. If they break that promise, the bond money isn’t returned, and they will be arrested again. Also, they likely won’t be given an option to get released while waiting for their new trial.

What is CeBONDS?

This bond is essential because it helps them get out of detention. That’s where CeBONDS comes in – an online system you can use to pay this bond. It’s secure and helps you make requests to check bond information, pay bonds for detained noncitizens, and receive updates from ICE electronically. This system is designed to simplify the process of posting immigration bonds.

We understand that this process can be difficult and confusing, so our guide is here to help you understand how to use CeBONDS. Whether you are an American citizen, a resident alien, have a Green Card, work for a law firm or a nonprofit, or are the person needing the bond, this guide is for you. We want to ensure you have all the information you need to help your friend or family member get out of detention quickly and easily.

Who Can Use CeBONDS?

CeBONDS is for people in the United States. U.S. citizens, permanent residents, law firms, and non-profit organizations can use it to post different types of bonds, such as delivery bonds, voluntary departure bonds, or supervision bonds. Non-citizens can also post certain types of bonds for themselves.

When you post an immigration bond, you become what is legally known as an obligor.


An obligor is someone who pays the bond for a detained noncitizen. By doing this, they promise that the noncitizen will follow all government rules, like showing up for court. You’ll need several documents to prove you can post a bond.

  • U.S. citizens might need a passport or a birth certificate.
  • Permanent residents need their Green Card.
  • Law firms, DHS-authorized bail bond companies (such as Southern Bail Bonds), and non-profits need specific letters and identification.
  • Noncitizens posting for themselves need forms like the Notice to Appear or an Employment Authorization Document.

How to Access CeBONDS

To use CeBONDS, you need to create an account. Go to https://cebonds.ice.gov/ and follow the prompts. This will guide you through setting up a secure account to start the process.

CeBONDS can be Used on devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. The website adjusts to fit any screen, making it easy to use from anywhere.

CeBONDS is available in English and Spanish. It’s also designed to be accessible to people with visual disabilities, following ADA requirements.

Paying for a Bond

You (the obligor) can pay the bond on CeBONDS using Fedwire or Automated Clearing House (ACH).

  • Fedwire is a fast electronic transfer by the Federal Reserve Bank.
  • ACH is a network that moves money between banks. These methods ensure a secure payment for the bond.

How Long Does it Take?

The process of checking and approving your bond usually takes 1-2 hours. It’s done during bond posting hours, which are 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Remember, this doesn’t include government holidays and follows the time zone where the person is detained.

After the bond is approved, the noncitizen is typically released by the end of the next day. However, the time it takes can vary depending on different factors at the detention facility.

CeBONDS Notifications

If CeBONDS sends you a notice about a new document, log into your account and follow the link on the homepage. Here, you can view and acknowledge any documents related to your bond, such as your approval status.


In summary, CeBONDS is a convenient and secure online system for posting immigration bonds designed to streamline the process for individuals within the United States. It offers a way to ensure the release of detained noncitizens while they await their court proceedings. Remember, while CeBONDS is a direct method for posting bonds, it involves significant money.

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