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A Guide to Immigration Bonding

A Guide to Immigration Bonding

What is an Immigration Bond?

A bond allows you (or your loved one) to put cash in exchange for a promise on behalf of the detained person. An immigration bond is a type of bail bond provided for immigration arrests. The promise is that you, or the detained party, must attend court for all of your appearances.

Immigration bonds are formally known as ICE Form I-352; anyone detained by ICE can apply. However, it is ultimately up to the immigration court to grant the bond.

I cannot afford the Immigration Bond.

Do not worry. If you do not have the immigration bond amount in full, you can call Speedy Immigration. Speedy can begin getting you or your loved one out of jail.

How to Apply for an Immigration Bond

ICE typically assigns each detainee a bond amount by 2:00 PM on arrival day. After you receive your bond amount, you can call a trusted person to let them know how much you need. They can call Speedy, and we take care of the rest. Remember that an immigration bond must be paid in full before leaving detention, so you may need to use a bail bond agency such as Speedy Immigration.

Sometimes, ICE may give you paperwork that says “no bond.”

The agent may do this because:

♦  They deemed you a danger to the community

♦  They consider you a flight risk

♦  They believe you to be uncooperative

Detainees report being denied an initial bond because they have a criminal record or a record of deportation or won’t speak to the agents handling their case.

The ICE agent’s decision isn’t the final word on the matter. You can still apply for an immigration bond from a judge.

As soon as you receive this information, call Speedy so that we can begin to get you out of jail. 

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