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What is an Immigration Bond?

What is an Immigration Bond?

Explanation of Immigration Bail Bonds

An immigration bond is posted as security for performance and fulfillment of the bonded alien’s obligations to the government. An acceptable surety company or an entity or individual who deposits United States bonds, notes, or cash may execute the bond as surety.

How Does It Work?

The surety is the obligor, the bonded alien is the principal and the Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) is the beneficiary of all bonds it authorizes. The obligor guarantees the performance of the conditions of the bond. The bond’s guaranty is secured by the amount of the bond. An acceptable surety company is one that appears on the current Treasury Department Circular 570 as a company holding the requisite certificate of authority to act as a surety on Federal bonds.
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What part does Speedy Immigration Have in an Immigration Bond?

Any agent of an acceptable surety company is a co-obligor on this bond. In this instance, Speedy Immigration Bonds would be the surety company.

Do you need help with an immigration bond? Read on to find out the process of an immigration bond.

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