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    Immigration and Customs Enforcement or by an immigration judge will set an amount of money. The detainees will be released and MUST appear for all of their future court appearances. The FULL amount must be paid.

    Collateral is anything of value that is placed with the bond agent as security for the bond. Call us today and we can explain collateral to you.

    An alien is someone who is physically present in the United States (US), but they are not a United States Citizen (USC).  An alien’s presence in the US may be either lawful or unlawful.

    Many immigration bonds can be same day, depending on the time of day. Call as soon as you find out your loved one is detained!!!

    If the person goes directly to ICE, he/she must post the full amount of the bond in cash. Although an alien may post his/her own immigration delivery bond, it is usually someone (e.g., a relative) acting on his/her behalf. This person may post a bond directly with ICE, or work through a company such as Speedy Immigration, which is licensed to post such bonds. If he/she works through a bond company the collateral will be in a form mutually agreed upon with the bond company.

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