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What is an Immigration Bail Bond? | Speedy Immigration Bonds

Fianzas de Inmigración

An Immigrant Bail Bond is a type of financial guarantee typically used to secure the release of an individual detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). At the same time, they await a hearing before an immigration judge. The bond is paid to the government and must be sufficient to cover any future penalties or costs that could occur should the individual fail to attend all scheduled court hearings or comply with any conditions set by the court or bond agency. Typically, this amount will be determined based on the individual’s current circumstances and past criminal history, if any.

For an immigration bail bond to be approved, a third party, commonly called a bondsman Understanding the Immigration Bail Bond Process | Speedy Immigration Bail Bonds 888-240-2663, must pay the designated sum of money in full to ICE. Once this payment has been accepted, it guarantees that the individual will appear at all future court hearings and abide by all orders issued by ICE or the court. If the individual does not, the original bond money is forfeited. In some cases, a warrant for their arrest may be issued, resulting in deportation from the United States and possibly being barred from re-entry into the country.