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Immigration Bonds: How They Work and When You Need One

An immigration bond is a type of surety bond required when the United States government detains an immigrant. The purpose of the bond is to ensure that the immigrant appears for all scheduled immigration hearings. If the immigrant does not appear, the total amount of the bond will be forfeited to the US government.

How Immigration Bonds Work
Immigration bonds are issued by insurance companies that the Department of Treasury licenses. The premium for the bond is typically 15% of the total bond amount and must be paid in full before the release of the immigrant. Sometimes, a cosigner may be required to obtain an immigration bond.

When an immigrant is detained, they will be given a notice of custody conditions listing their bond amount. The detainee or their cosigner can contact a bail agent to begin posting the bond. Once the bail agent receives all necessary paperwork and payment, they will post the bond with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).

If the immigrant fails to appear for their court date, the bond amount will be forfeited to ICE. ICE may also take action to apprehend the individual and return them to custody. If you have posted an immigration bond for someone who has failed to appear, you should contact a bail agent or attorney immediately.

Immigration Bonds: How They Work and When You Need One