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How to Pay Immigration Bond | Speedy Immigration Bonds

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If you or a family member has been detained by the immigration authorities and placed in deportation proceedings, you may be released by posting an immigration bond. This is a financial guarantee that the individual will attend all immigration court proceedings. If the person appears as required, the bond will be returned to the person who posted it. If the person does not appear, the bond will be forfeited, and the person who posted it may be required to pay the government the full amount of the bond.https://www.ice.gov/detain/ice-ero-bond-acceptance-facilities

There are several steps you can take to pay an immigration bond.

  1. Contact an immigration bond agent. An immigration bond agent is a professional “Speedy Immigration Bonds, who can help you post a bond and release a loved one from detention. You can search online for immigration bond agents in your area or contact the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office to get a list of approved bond agents.
  2. Determine the amount of the bond: The immigration authorities will set the amount based on various factors, including the person’s immigration status, criminal history, and risk of flight. You can find out the bond amount by contacting the ICE office where the person is detained.
  3. Pay the bond: There are several ways to pay an immigration bond. You can pay the bond in check at the detention center where the person is being held. You can also pay the bond by check or money order. Some bond agents may also be able to accept wire transfers or other forms of payment.
  4. Get a receipt: Once the bond has been paid, the immigration authorities will issue a receipt to confirm that the bond has been posted. Keep this receipt, as it will be needed to get the bond refunded if the person appears for all immigration court proceedings.