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Help Paying Immigration Bond | Speedy Immigration Bonds

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Immigration bonds are a form of financial assurance provided to the United States government by a surety or guarantor. These bonds guarantee that an immigrant will attend all scheduled court appearances and any other conditions outlined in the bond order. Immigration bonds can be costly, with some ranging into tens of thousands of dollars. The bond must be paid before the immigrant can be released from detention or while they remain in custody. Sometimes, individuals may not have the means to pay their bonds and need assistance finding resources.

One option for help paying immigration bonds is through an organization like Freedom for Immigrants, which raises funds for those who cannot afford to pay their bond. This organization works with families of detained immigrants who have applied for political asylum and have been detained in ICE facilities across the United States. They assist with securing resources to cover the cost of an immigration bond by connecting donors with those needing aid. Donations made through Freedom for Immigrants are tax-deductible, making it an excellent option for individuals looking for financial support when paying their bonds. Help Paying Immigration Bond | Speedy Immigration Bonds