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Immigration Bonds Pennsylvania | Speedy Immigration Bail

Immigration Bonds Pennsylvania is a form of surety bond that must be posted to ensure an immigrant’s release from immigration detention. An immigration bond provides the government with a financial guarantee that the person will appear at all court proceedings. Immigration bonds are only used for non-citizens who have been arrested for violating immigration laws, or those who are awaiting deportation hearings. The amount of the bond is determined by United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). In most cases, this amount is set at $5,000 or higher.

In Pennsylvania, individuals may be granted an immigration bond if they meet certain criteria such as having a family member in the country who can provide financial support, passing background checks, and providing proof of identity. Immigration bonds can also be granted by an immigration judge if they believe that the immigrant poses no threat to society and respects local laws. Generally speaking, immigrants must remain in the United States while their case is being processed and pending any decisions made by ICE or the judge handling their case. If the immigrant fails to appear in court proceedings or decides to leave the country during this period of time, then they will be considered in contempt of court and forfeit their immigrant bond.