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Florida Immigration Bonds: Everything You Need to Know

Florida Immigration Bonds: Everything You Need to Know

Florida Immigration Bonds are an essential aspect of the immigration process. We will provide a detailed understanding of Florida Immigration Bonds, their purpose, and how they work.

What Are Florida Immigration Bonds?

Florida Immigration Bonds allow detained immigrants to be released from custody while their immigration case is pending. These bonds are similar to bail bonds issued by a licensed surety company. The bond ensures that the immigrant will attend all scheduled court hearings and comply with all other requirements of their immigration case. Bail Bond Services For Immigrants | Speedy Immigration Bail Bonds 888-240-2663

Types of Florida Immigration Bonds:

There are two types of Florida Immigration Bonds: Delivery Bonds and Voluntary Departure Bonds. Delivery Bonds are issued to immigrants who have been detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and are awaiting a hearing in front of an immigration judge. Voluntary Departure Bonds are issued to immigrants who have agreed to leave the United States voluntarily.

Eligibility Criteria for Florida Immigration Bonds:

To be eligible for a Florida Immigration Bond, the immigrant must meet certain criteria. The immigrant must not pose a threat to national security or public safety. The immigrant must also not have a criminal record and must not have violated any immigration laws in the past.

Steps Involved in Obtaining Florida Immigration Bonds:

The first step in obtaining a Florida Immigration Bond is to contact Speedy Immigration, Bail Bonds. The surety company will evaluate the immigrant’s case and determine the bond amount. Once the bond amount is determined, the immigrant or their sponsor must pay a non-refundable premium to the surety company. The premium is typically 15% of the bond amount. Once the premium is paid, the surety company will issue the bond and file it with ICE.